Wednesday Watch List: Hiiiiiii-Ya!!!!

Welcome to Watch List, where we identify five things on TV to watch while you stay at home and congratulate Jennifer Grey for winning “Dancing With The Stars.” I’m told, as part of the prize package, that she got her old nose back. LET’S GO!

KUNG FU PANDA HOLIDAY SPECIAL – 8:30PM (NBC) Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, Dustin Hoffman and Seth Rogen all return to reprise their voice roles from the movie for this half-hour holiday special. I already told my kid about the existence of this special. Her head nearly burst into flames she was so delighted. Unfortunately, she doesn’t understand the concept of time, which means she’s asked me every five minutes if the special is on yet. Note to parents: NEVER tell a child about anything until it’s about to happen. Otherwise, you will pay. ANTICIPATION: YOU ARE FREE TO WATCH!

THE BIGGEST LOSER: WHERE ARE THEY NOW? – 9:00PM (NBC) No, seriously. Where are they? Can you find them? We left them with Jillian Michaels and now they’re all GONE! Either she ran them to death and hid the bodies, or she got them so thin that they are no longer visible to the naked eye. Please. Please, help us find these people. Their big fat families miss them dearly. ANTICIPATION: HEFTY!

THE PRESIDENT’S PHOTOGRAPHER: 50 YEARS INSIDE THE OVAL OFFICE – 8:00PM (PBS) PBS profiles White House photographer Pete Souza and takes a look back at the past five decades of of White House photography and the men who did the job. PBS’ website says that Souza and his men take nearly 20,000 pictures a week. ANTICIPATION: FLASHY!

THROWDOWN WITH BOBBY FLAY – 9:00PM (Food Network) Bobby heads to Cundy’s Harbor in Maine for a lobster mac and cheese throwdown even though any cook worth his salt knows you NEVER mix cheese and seafood. I just wanted to mention this episode because I like saying the name Cundy’s Harbor. ANTICIPATION: CUNDY’S HARBOR!

UNTOLD STORIES FO THE ER – 9:00PM (TLC) A man has a five-hour erection. The legends are true! ANTICIPATION: STIFF!

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