Woman Tossed From Garth Brooks Concert After Using Men's Room

A woman who admitted to using the men's room at a Fargo, North Dakota, concert venue where country superstar Garth Brooks was playing over the weekend said she was unfairly booted from the show.

Samantha Bergh told NBC affiliate KVLY that she only commandeered a commode in a FargoDome men's restroom because she was desperate.

"The women's line was a good 100-people long," she said Monday. "It was insanely long and there was no wait for the men's, so I just went into the men's."

A security guard and Fargo police escorted her and her husband out of the arena, Bergh said, NBC News reported.

A person normally wouldn't be kicked out of a concert just for using the wrong gender's restroom — unless they were also acting inebriated or unruly, KVLY reported.

Venue management did not immediately respond to a request for comment Tuesday from NBC News.

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