YouTube Trumps Trolls With Google+ Comments

YouTube announced that the top of its new commenting system will be based on content and creators rather than the just the most recent lame comment.

The announcement came on Tuesday on the official YouTube blog, where it somehow equated the "awesomeness" of a Justin Timberlake comment with "the last random person to stop by." (Well, maybe the last person to stop by was Lady Gaga or Iranian president Hassan Rouhani, YouTube. You don't know everything. Maybe users also don't want to see comments from their aunt or mom on top of the comment section, either.)

Instead, those in the user's Google+ circles or ones from users with a larger Google+ following will be ranked near the top. Likely, this is in hopes that it will cut down on the high number of "This sucks!!!" or other trollish comments currently found on YouTube videos.

Other changes include threaded comments, and even private comments seen only by certain Google+ users, rather than blasted publicly.

As said earlier, this could be good if it's used by celebrities to interact with fans, but it can also lead to reading a lot of comments from acquaintances or relatives. Luckily, if users tire of that scenario, they can still go back to reading the most recent comments.

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