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Did You Pay for Schwarzenegger's Affair?



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    An investigation into could be on the way.

    As if having news of his love child splashed around newspapers, tabloids and TV screens from coast to coast wasn't enough -- now Arnold Schwarzenegger could have his affair investigated by the top law enforcement official in California.

    Attorney General Kamala Harris could become involved in the lurid tale, according to SF Weekly. At issue is whether or not the then-Governator abused state taxpayer-paid resources in order to carry out his extramarital trysts.

    A hotel security officer working at the Sacramento inn where Schwarzenegger maintained a penthouse suite told tales of "scantily clad women" escorted by California Highway Patrol officers into Arnold's quarters Using a taxpayer-funded security crew to aid and abett a love nest is Clintonian in nature, but not what Californians want to hear during a budget crisis.

    Harris's office has not yet confirmed the existence of an investigation.