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Back to Work at Oakland Airport

Work slowly resumes at Oakland airport



    Back to Work at Oakland Airport
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    An American Airlines plane parks at the termial after arriving at the Oakland International Airport November 2, 2007 in Oakland.

    Construction is gradually resuming on control towers at two California airports, days after Congress temporarily settled an impasse that had shut down aviation projects nationwide.

    The work slowly restarted on the towers at Palm Springs and Oakland international airports Monday after having ground to a halt in late July due to the standoff between Republicans and Democrats
     in Congress over funding for the Federal Aviation Administration.       

    A portion of the 60 workers for each project were back at work evaluating damage to untended work sites and seeking to recall laborers and equipment that had been reallocated to other projects
     in their regions.

    Some 70,000 workers on construction-related jobs at airports across the country were idled as the FAA couldn't pay for the work.