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Brown Accuses Whitman of Trying to Buy Governor's Throne

California's attorney general still hasn't officially declared his candidacy



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    Jerry Brown has, at best, made his campaign for governor "official-ish."

    With about five months left before the gubernatorial primary, the presumptive Democratic nominee is California Attorney General Jerry Brown.

    Only problem is, he still hasn't officially entered the race.

    He may have amassed millions in campaign contributions, he may have formed an "exploratory committee," he may have made appearances that might count as campaign appearances, but he hasn't actually started running for office.

    Which has lead at least one Democrat to label Brown California's Martha Coakley, after the Democrat who recently lost to Republican Scott Brown in a special election to replace Ted Kennedy in heavily-Democrat Massachusetts.

    Because while Brown is dilly-dallying, Republican front-runner Meg Whitman is spending millions on radio advertising.

    Of course, ever the politician, Brown is trying to spin Whitman's spending as an attempt to "buy" the election.

    Which is one of the reasons Brown is still leading in the latest Field Poll, but the lack of commitment is troubling -- with San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom out of the race, there is no one minding the store on the Democratic side of the primary.

    After all, this is the man who dated his current wife and campaign advisor, Anne Gust, for fifteen years before finally marrying in 2005.

    Campaign? Wife? Jerry Brown would seem to have trouble committing to a sandwich order for lunch.

    Jackson West isn't sure he'd vote for Brown, but with .