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Justice Department Report: Reopen CIA Abuse Cases

Recommendation likely to fuel calls for prosecutions



    Justice Department Report: Reopen CIA Abuse Cases
    Attorney General Eric Holder weighs reopening prisoner abuse cases.

    The ethics arm of Justice Department is reportedly recommending reopening nearly a dozen Iraq and Afghanistan prisoner-abuse cases, a move that could lead to CIA employee and contractor prosecutions and be at odds with President Obama's pledge not to revisit Bush administration policies.

    The department is already planning on releasing today a 2004 inspector general's report on prisoner abuse that is expected to outline abuses by the CIA. Details from the report that have leaked describe CIA officers carrying out mock executions and threatening at least one prisoner with a power drill, The New York Times reported. It is illegal to threaten a prisoner with imminent death.

    With the inspector general's report and recommendation by the department's Office of Professional Responsibility, it likely that Attorney General Eric Holder will appoint a prosecutor for a criminal inquiry, sources tell the Times.

    He is expected to announce his next move within the week, the paper reported.

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