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New SF Police Chief's Hiring Hands Tied

Police Officer's Association convinces new San Francisco Police Chief to hire a lone sidekick to help manage department



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    San Francisco Police Chief George Gascon has his work cut out for him in trying to reform how the cop shop does business.

    San Francisco Police Chief George Gascon was supposed to ride in on his horse from a previous job in Mesa, Arizona and clean up the streets of San Francisco.

    However, what he won't be able to do is bring his posse with him.

    After talks with the Police Officers Association that actually runs the department, he requested that a bill introduced by San Francisco Supervisor David Campos be amended to only allow one appointment at a time from outside the department.

    Gascon was widely believed to want a free hand in hiring and firing top brass in the SFPD, which Campos was trying to give him in the original bill.

    Instead, the department will continue to be managed by the usual suspects.

    Jackson West figured it was only a matter of time before Gascon fought the POA, and the POA won.