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Specter: Town Hall Anger Doesn't Reflect Public Opinion

Senator says critics of Dems' health care plan don't represent public's view



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    Sen. Specter will speak and tweet to defend the Dems' health care proposals.

    Sen. Arlen Specter says critics of the Democrats' health care proposals are not representative of the public's view on the issue.

    The Pennsylvania Democrat has faced tough town hall audiences in his home state.  And, according to him, people who are angry at town hall meetings don't reflect the broader public opinion of the proposed overhaul.

    Specter has been aggressively battling opposition to health care reform, even taking up the fight on his Twitter account, SenArlenSpecter.

    During his appearance Sunday on ABC's "This Week," "Snarlin' Arlen" found himself on the defensive with Utah GOPSen. Orrin Hatch, who says the crowds are representative of people "up in arms" over the plan.

    According to Hatch, the outrage is genuine.

    Hatch also says the Democratic National Committee and organized labor are also sending supporters to town halls to challenge Republicans.