Social Media Flags Election Day Misinformation

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The day after the election had just as much drama as Election Day itself, especially for those that follow social media.

That's where a battle broke out between candidate, and company and over dangerously false information.

"I think they're walking a very fine line," said Brandon Hoffman, chief information security officer of NetEnrich.

Twitter flagged tweet after tweet from President Donald Trump as misleading, or flat-out inaccurate. Even flagging Eric Trump for claiming an electoral victory in Pennsylvania.

Other social media companies, like Tik-Tok and Facebook, also letting users know, the president was what cyber security experts called dangerously off-base.

"And really the whole point of a disinformation campaign is to disorganize your victim, to create chaos, to de-stabilize,” said Hoffman.

Demonstrators gathered outside Twitter headquarters in San Francisco Wednesday blaming the company for allowing the president to spread misinformation. Jean Elle reports.

Former Twitter employee and current Silicon Valley executive Laura Gomez called out Twitter for, “amplifying hate and harassment.”

"His personal account needs to be suspended now,” she said. "Its terms of service and its attitude towards understanding harassment and threats and lies and misinformation hasn't really adapted to the reality of 2020."

Cyber security companies say the first step to protecting yourself from misinformation is to diversify where you get your news. Sure, follow your favorites on social media, but also check other news sources to make it more likely you're getting the real information.

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