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Veterans Leading Afghan Evacuations Demand Help From Biden and Congress

A coalition group made up of veterans and volunteers listed 15 steps the U.S. government needed to take to “honor its promise to those who remain at risk" in Afghanistan

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Hundreds of veterans and other front-line volunteers who have organized ongoing evacuations from Afghanistan say that their efforts have become "untenable" without increased support from the U.S. government.

In a letter to President Joe Biden and members of Congress, a coalition of more than 100 veterans and other groups organized under the moniker #AfghanEvac listed 15 steps the U.S. government needs to take to "honor its promise to those who remain at risk because of their connection to U.S. activities in Afghanistan."

"Success depends on improving interagency coordination, increasing evacuation capacity and resettlement throughput, and our government fulfilling the roles and responsibilities only a government can, in line with the expectations of the American people and our Afghan allies," the coalition said.

The letter, signed by more than 285 veterans and volunteers, asks the Biden administration to appoint a visible leader with a dedicated staff by February 2022 to coordinate federal agencies and create an actionable multi-year plan for Afghan evacuations.

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