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49ers Flatten Favre, Beat Vikings 15-10



    49ers Flatten Favre, Beat Vikings 15-10
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    Brett Favre takes the sack.

    The return of Brett Favre was kind of a thud. It was the San Francisco 49ers' starting offense that actually came out of semi-retirement, as the 49ers beat the Minnesota Vikings 15-10 Sunday night at Candlestick.

    The big story, of course, was the return to action of Minnesota quarterback Brett Favre. But Favre only lasted four plays, completed one single pass, and took a hit from Patrick Willis that knocked him halfway back to his tractor in Mississippi.

    Favre lasted only four snaps, and probably contemplated retirement again.

    More importantly for 49ers fans, Favre's time onfield was short because the Niners' starting offense dominated time of possession in the first quarter with an eight-minute opening drive.

    Alex Smith was a very sharp 5-of-6 for 59 yards on that opening drive, capped by a four-yard touchdown run by rookie Anthony Dixon.

    Dixon got most snaps at the running back spot. Frank Gore and new acquisition Michael Westbrook did not play.

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who was remiss to not mention that the game ended when 49ers defensive end Derek "Don't Call Me Delanie" Walker scored a safety on the game's final play.