49ers' Kyle Shanahan Sees No Problem With NFL's Overtime Rules

Shanahan does not see a problem with NFL overtime rules originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

As innovative as Kyle Shanahan is with his offense, he is old school in many ways.

The 49ers' 13-10 win over the Packers was made possible by a field goal as time expired. If Robbie Gould had missed, Shanahan could have faced the same fate as the Buffalo Bills did on Sunday night. The head coach still does not see a problem with the NFL's overtime rules and believes in playing within the confines of the game.

“I think the way we got it is fine,” Shanahan said on Monday via conference call. “It doesn’t bother me. I think you should be able to stop someone on a touchdown if you want it back. That’s fine to me and I know that it’s real tough not to get it, but I never felt like it wasn’t fair." 

Every Divisional Round Game over the weekend came down to the final moments but the matchup between the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs extended into overtime. Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes and his offense marched 44 yards down the field in the final 13 seconds to kick a field goal to force the overtime. 

Kansas City then won the coin toss, drove 75 yards down the field in six plays, ending the game with a walk-off touchdown pass from Mahomes to tight end Travis Kelce. The Bills' offense never saw the field and lost the game. 

“Those are the rules,” Shanahan said. “I used to think the old one was fine. That was the one I grew up with watching when we had 15 minutes and the first one scored, I didn’t think much was a problem with that.”

The head coach that is known as a hip-hop aficionado, is old-fashioned when it comes to the game but Shanahan does appreciate the tweaks the league has recently adapted. 

“I think I do like the ones better now,” Shanahan said. “But give us the rules and you know the rules and that’s what you go in trying to win the game on. So usually, my mind doesn’t change based on what happens.”

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If the league needs to be influenced in order to adjust the rules and give both teams a chance on offense in overtime, it won't be Kyle Shanahan who does it. 

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