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Winter Olympics Sochi 2014

Winter Olympics Sochi 2014

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Apolo Anton Ohno Talks Love Life, Olympic Future & Questions Surrounding His Mother

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    He's the most decorated Winter Olympics athlete in U.S. history with seven total medals. He's a two-time gold medalist — and, he's a "Dancing with the Stars" champ.

    No one else but Apolo Anton Ohno can boast that combination of accomplishments.

    But after three Olympic games, is this it for Apolo?

    "Is this definitely your last Olympics?" Access Hollywood's Billy Bush asked Apolo in Vancouver. "Could you imagine doing this [again] at 31 years old?"

    "I don't know. The thirties? I heard the thirties are the new twenties," the currently 27-year-old Apolo joked. "I don't know. I don't rule anything out at this point. Honestly, I'm just taking it day by day."

    A fierce competitor, if Apolo feels he can still be one of the best in the world when the 2014 Winter Olympics are held in Sochi, Russia – it's hard to imagine he won't be on the ice for his fourth Olympics.

    However, once the Vancouver games come to a close, Apolo said he'll be enjoying a nice long break. But will he be doing it alone?

    "A lot of the ladies are asking, 'Does he have a girlfriend?'" Billy inquired.

    "I do not have a girlfriend," Apolo smiled. "My girlfriend has been the ice."

    And while Apolo has got the smile, the charisma and the talent to back it up – things haven't always been this easy for the skating great.

    His father, Yuki, has been a fixture at Apolo's side and in the stands for every step of his journey. But some have wondered – where is Apolo's mother?

    "A lot of people are wondering about your mom and where she is. Do you know where she is?" Billy asked.

    "I know where she is. You know, there hasn't been any contact. My life has always been with my dad," the speed skater explained. "Since I can remember, I was raised by my father my entire life. So he's kind of been that mom and father figure – always."

    But is there a desire to seek out his mother, who divorced from his father when he was an infant?

    "To be honest, at 27, I don't even know if I'd recognize her. I don't know if I would have any type of connection," Apolo said.

    And as long as he has his father, Apolo said he'll be just fine.

    "Our relationship is built on… We're like a team," he said of his dad. "I don't know how I'd function without him."

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