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A's Ballboy Scores Date On the Job



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    A's ballboys know how to score.

    If you think chivalry is dead, maybe you should go to more Oakland A's games and flirt with the ballboys.

    A's ballboy Kevin Fennell became a mini-sensation earlier this month for his ball-retrieving antics in a routine loss to the Kansas City Royals. Seems Mr. Fennell had noticed a particular young lady in the crowd that evening, and singled her out by repeatedly delivering foul balls to her and her only.

    Fans loved it. Before long, the kid had an interview on the MLB Network.

    "I was able to get her number," Fennel said in the interview. "We'll see where it leads."

    Oh, it led somewhere, alright.

    The lothario ballboy cashed in last night and got his date. The two appeared on ESPN's "First Take" Tuesday to dish the details of their forthcoming night on the town.  Watch clip here.

    "We're going to this place called La Fondue," Fennell said.

    "It's my favorite!," his lady friend announced. Yeah, they're cute, but they're not real quotable.

    No word yet on whether the ballboy got past first base.

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who feels like a sex predator stalking down these poor kids' Facebook profiles.