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Knife Wielding Robber Takes Bobble Head

Man used knife to steal bobble-head.



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    The robbery of a bobble head happened around dusk.

    Friday night's game at AT&T Park was a sell out as San Francisco Giants fans packed the ball park to help celebrate Willie Mays 80th birthday and to help cheer on the World Champions against their division rivals Colorado Rockies.

    In the hustle of that night, someone had a bobble head doll stolen from them after a man with a knife demanded they hand it over.

    San Francisco police report the incident happened around 7:55 p.m. at AT&T.

    According to the police blotter a man approached the victim and asked where he got his bobble-head doll. The man asking the question then pulled out a knife and put it against the victim's stomach. After that he took the doll and ran away.

    The victim wasn't hurt. The suspect and the bobble head have not been seen since.

    Although the blotter says bobble-head, on Friday the first 20,000 fans walked away with a replica Mays statue, so there were plenty of people walking around with boxes of those.

    Either way, not a good night at the ball park for one Giants fan.