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McNabb's Just Not That Into Us: TMZ



    McNabb's Just Not That Into Us: TMZ
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    Donovan McNabb is not feeling the love for the Raiders.

    The Oakland Raiders' widely reported pursuit of Donovan McNabb may be in jeopardy because McNabb would refuse to play for the Raiders, according to a breaking Internet report from an important news-gathering organization.

    And this breaking Internet report comes to you from the same important news-gathering organization that also broke the blockbuster story that Jesse James' third mistress did not really have sex with a monkey.

    Yes,, the sleazy gossip site that usually reports on stories like whether Octomom will do a porn movie, has taken to covering the Oakland Raiders. Their latest report claims that Donovan McNabb would refuse a rumored trade to the Raiders, and would not play for Oakland.

    "A source close to McNabb tells TMZ, 'He does NOT want to play for the Raiders and would refuse the trade'," according to the report.

    Now any Raiders fan with two memories of the Richard Seymour saga to rub together can tell you that a pro football player cannot refuse a trade. Sure, has done some groundbreaking working coming up with funny headlines, but they obviously don't know the first thing about contract and trade considerations within the current NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement.

    And wasn't done with the Raiders yet. Wednesday morning they tried to stoke another JaMarcus Russell scandal by publishing pictures of Russell in a late-night gambling binge at a high-stakes Vegas craps table.

    That doesn't even bother Raiders fans anymore. As long as Russell's late-night binges are at a craps table instead of a Taco Bell, we actually consider that progress.

     Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who will totally take back all those remarks about if they give him the job of covering the ups and downs of Katy Perry's breast size.