Brazil's World Cup Condom Boasts Taste, Look of Host Nation

Of all the protective measures taken in Brazil for the World Cup, one particular item is proving to be a huge success.

A condom sporting the host country's national colors — yellow and green — and flavored to taste like the nation's signature cocktail, the caipirinha, is available exclusively in Brazil, and is selling out.

Washington, D.C.-based DKT International ordered the one-of-a-kind condoms, which are aimed at World Cup fanatics. The product is made by Karex, the world's largest manufacturers of condoms.

While no conclusive studies have shown that people have more sex during major sporting events, DKT, a nonprofit agency, encourages family planning and HIV prevention in developing countries, both during and outside major sporting events.

“Major sports or cultural events attract a great number of people and garner much attention, providing a good opportunity to spread a pleasurable and fun safe-sex message,” Daniel Marun, Brazilian director of DKT, told the Wall Street Journal

Brazil uses about 1 billion condoms in a normal year, according to Marun. Since the condom debuted last February, about 2.1 million units (700,000 packs of three) have been sold. The first delivery of 864,000 units sold in just 15 days. Some consumers aren’t unwrapping them, but saving the packaged condom as a keepsake, the Wall Street Journal reported.

This popular product won't be in everyones hands, though. Some head coaches require players to save their “game” for the field, permitting only certain World Cup athletes to have sex during the season. 

Australia, Spain and the U.S., among others, are free to make magic as they please. Bosnia, Chile and Mexico, on the other hand, are a few teams whose members won’t be getting lucky anytime soon.

Of course, to every rule, there is always an exception. For example, French players are allowed to have sex, but it shouldn’t last all night, and as long as the sex isn’t “acrobatic,” Brazil is free to blow off some steam throughout the season as desired.

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