Brian Wilson's ‘Completely Insane' Off Season Workout

Brian Wilson's always good for a solid radio interview. Put him on with the equally-awesome Jim Rome in "The Jungle," and things are bound to get out of hand.

That's exactly what happened on Wednesday when Wilson appeared on "The Jim Rome Show" and described his off season workout, which is "crazy," "completely insane" and involves getting his heart rate up to "410."

"I took away heavy weights, because they're not good for ulnar nerves, they're not good for your elbow with the dumbbells," Wilson said. "So I took it to a new level and I said we're going to go crazy and completely insane and that's what we're doing. And when I do my conditioning it's about 15 to 20 minutes of non-stop and [my] heart rate's at about 410. And doctors are like 'I don't even know how that exists,' but I can show you through video."

At this point, Wilson tried to continue and Rome cut him off with a classic "My man, that's not physically possible."

Wilson's response was to tell Rome that there are only three things that aren't humanly possible, and one of them involves being really handsome and changing history. Or something. Check out the full interview here:

As you might have also noticed, Wilson described himself as a "robot," which is -- somehow -- the least bizarre thing about that entire interview.

"I thought I'd try something new. I'm always trying new things. And one of the new things was, let's try to work on flexibility," Wilson said. "Because I was somewhat flexible, but robots aren't that flexible. And sometimes we need to put some WD-40 in there and let those creaky things work around. So I worked on flexibility."

If his game is as on point as his personality appears to be, the Giants closer should be in for a pretty good season.

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