Bryce Harper, Please Come Play for the Giants: An Open Letter and Plea

Hey Bryce, what's ⬆️? Not 2 much here, j/c.

I know you're really busy right now with the whole making a really big life decision and all, and I get that -- but I also want you to make sure you've written a pros-and-cons list for signing with the Giants -- then threw that list away and read this note.

I figured if you were to sign with the Giants, it wouldn't be at the FanFest that took place Saturday. And -- oh my gosh, did you read the tweet that NBC Sports Bay Area's Alex Pavlovic sent out about it?

So funny. We're funny people here in the Bay Area. I say "we," like I should talk. I'm still new. I'm from Nevada -- oh my gosh, aren't you, too?

That's also funny.

But it's a great baseball town -- you come to realize that rather quickly.

Anywho ...

You once tweeted how much you love playing in San Francisco. And despite it being a pitcher's park, I know you'll be fine offensively here.

OK, I'll get this out of the way: The splits for you at what formerly was known as AT&T Park aren't great. A .164/.305./284 line when playing in San Francisco. Don't get mad at me for putting those numbers out there. I just want to make sure those are public and on the table, before someone else decides to fill your mentions with nonsense, er -- more nonsense. 

That being said, the atmosphere at Oracle Park (you'll get used to the name change, too -- I promise) is unlike any other. Sure, I've never taken a hack on a Major League Baseball field that would count for anything, but walking up to the park, seeing those palm trees covered in lights and being introduced to the cove is something else. 

Your possible future teammates? Well:

This city absolutely loves sports -- and you would give them hop again, and make them excited.  

There is a lot more I can babble on about, but I don't want to creep you out. Plus, I think my boss is looking at me, so I've g2g.

C'mon ... DO IT.

Oh ... and @rockclimberadd reminded me of the really yummy garlic fries.

OK, bye!

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