Buffalo Bills Cheerleaders Follow Raiderettes in Wage Suit

BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) - Three months after the first Oakland Raiderette sued the Raiders football team, five former "Buffalo Jills" are suing the Bills saying they weren't paid for their time at games or mandatory public appearances that left them open to groping and sexual comments.

One of the claims in the suit alleges that the Jills were subjected to a weekly "Jiggle Test," where their butts, stomachs, arms and hips bodies were scrutinized while they did jumping jacks, Deadspin reported.
The lawsuit is the third filed this year against a National Football League team by its cheerleaders.

The Oakland Raiders and Cincinnati Bengals also have pending wage battles. The Raiders attorneys in March argued that the cheerleaders should not be able to sue, but rather plead their case to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, rather than a judge.

Two members of the Buffalo Jills cheerealding squad held a news conference Tuesday with their attorney, Frank Dolce (DOHL'-chay). They say they were wrongly classified as independent contractors by Stejon Productions, which manages the Jills and failed to pay them for hundreds of hours of work.

The Jill's lawsuit seeks back pay and "other damages as allowed by law."

A Bills spokesman says the team doesn't comment on pending litigation. Stejon Productions hasn't responded to a request for comment.


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