Rasmus’ Blown Catch Set to Beck’s ‘Loser’

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You may recall that Colby Rasmus didn't have the best evening on Saturday, when a total egg of an attempted catch resulted in the St. Louis Cardinals falling to the Giants 3-2.

"It definitely ruined my evening," Rasmus said. "I felt like I got a real good jump on it."

And maybe you've seen the video and photos of the Giants players sprinting around celebrating.

But have you seen the video of Rasmus attempting to make the catch? And have you seen it in slow motion? And have you seen it in slow motion with Beck's "Loser" being sung in the background as it if it were some sort of 50's piano jazz song?

No, you likely have not. Until now:

Poster Image

This beautiful gem comes to us from the wonderful Timothy Burke (aka @bubbaprog), who may or may not have actually sung that lyrical beaut of a mocked-up alt rock song by himself.

I can't confirm that -- mainly because I'm too lazy to email him -- but if it is Burke, well, it just means he's got an incredible voice to go along with a watchful eye.

Which is probably something that Rasmus could use going forward.

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