US Curler Tyler George Wears Ragged Shoes, Superhero Socks

He has posted photos of his colorful foot attire on Twitter before games

U.S. curler Tyler George has had a strong sock game at the Olympics but his curling shoes are a ragged "mess."

George has been rocking superhero socks on the ice, hoping it will give his team some superpowers in Pyeongchang. He's posted photos of his colorful foot attire on Twitter before games. 

The first pair featured Superman, whose super speed and strength would probably turn curling brooms to dust.

The second pair was Deadpool, who may not have any skills pertaining to curling but is still awesome.

And Sunday night, George debuted a third pair — Captain America, the perfect way to channel a win for Team USA. 

George played while wearing a pair of 8-year-old Skechers, the same pair he has laced up for curling tournaments all over the world. They're outfitted with Teflon sliders that allow the curlers to slide across the ice. They're also riddled with holes, but George says they fit like a baseball glove. 

The tattered shoes — described by George's teammates as "a mess" and "disguisting" — have garnered him more attention at the Olympics than the socks, including an article in The New York Times. The newspaper's reporter even took George shopping for a new pair of sneakers.   

But on Sunday, George showed up to face Team Canada in his old SkechersU.S. handed Canada their third straight loss with a 9-7 victory in 11 ends.

Maybe it's his shoes that have the superpowers!

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