Dallas Braden Says Khris Davis' Loyalties to A's Speaks Volumes of Who He Is

Before Dallas Braden dazzled fans with his baseball knowledge on the television screen, he was pitching for the Oakland A's. To say he knows the team is an understatement. He's able to connect with the players in a way not many can, and knows what the organization is, and has been, in the past. 

When A's fans received the good news designated hitter Khris Davis would be staying in Oakland for a while longer after agreeing to a two-year extension, I wanted to know what Braden thought of the announcement. And he had plenty to say on a team, and player, he knows so well.

"This could potentially, and hopefully, open the door for more deals like this for core players here in Oakland," Braden told NBC Sports California. "And I think this resonates with the fanbase because I think that's all they've ever wanted for the past 20-plus years is to dedicate themselves to a player, that the organization has dedicated themselves to."

Braden also complimented Davis and his dedication to the A's fanbase calling the relationship across the board very reciprocated. 

"That is massive moving forward for the organization," he added. "And who better to lock up and have at the tip of that spear than Khris Davis?"

When asked about Davis' thoughts toward a team that doesn't have a lot of players wanting to stay, Braden highlighted his loyalties.

"That speaks to who he is as a competitor and as an individual," Braden said. "Because it's pretty clear he doesn't need the limelight, and if you know KD it's abundantly clear he doesn't want the limelight so as comfortable as he is with that group, in that clubhouse, that is what I think you really pay attention to is the cohesive unit that makes a man like him feel so wanted, so need and so comfortable. That is, for me, the biggest takeaway."

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The one constant you will hear about Davis is how much his teammates love playing with him -- and Braden confirmed just how much Davis calls the city, and that team, his home.

"If you're ever questioning what that clubhouse is like, there's your answer."

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