Differences Between Detroit and San Francisco

Detroit is known for cars. San Francisco is known for computers. And that is just one difference between us.

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The difference between Detroit and San Francisco are immense. We have the ocean, they have the Great Lakes. We are the center of technology, they are the center of automotive. Click on for more....
Detroit has lots of blue collar workers, San Francisco has lots of workers who wear no collar at all.
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They are smog. We have fog.
Detroit has General Motors, San Francisco has Apple.
Detroit has funny man Tim Allen. San Francisco has furry man Robin Williams.
Fords are made in Detroit, while San Francisco Bay Area based-Tesla is more our speed.
Detroit had the Robocop; a fatally wounded officer who returns to the force as a powerful cyborg. San Francisco had Dirty Harry and his 44-magnum "the most powerful handgun in the world."
Detroit has punk icons Iggy and the Stooges, while San Francisco has punk icons Green Day.
Tom Selleck wore a Detroit Tigers cap in his series "Magnum P.I." Robert DeNiro wore a San Francisco Giants cap in "The Fan."
Detroit has rapper Eminem, San Francisco has rapper M.C. Hammer.
An episode of "Star Trek: Enterprise" called "Carpenter Street" takes place in Detroit. "Star Trek IV" rocks the original cast, hump back whales and Star Fleet in San Francisco.
"Beverly Hills Cop" character Detective Axel Foley was from Detroit. Danny Glover who played Detective Roger Murtaugh in "Lethal Weapon" (really) is from San Francisco.
While KISS calls Detroit a Rock City, Starship (arguably) built THIS City on Rock 'n' Roll. (OK, Detroit might win on this one.)
Jay Leno played Detroit cop Tony Costas in the terrible movie “Collision Course.” Tough guy Steve McQueen was in the classic San Francisco flick “Bullitt.”
Detroit has Trans-ams. San Francisco has ... well you get the idea.
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