ABC Saturday Night College Football Games Announced

There's a lengthy release here detailing all the ins and outs of what ABC/ESPN's doing, but I'll give you the meatier parts:

*** All telecasts will begin at 8 p.m. Eastern and be broadcast high-def on ABC HD. So buy that HD TV already if you didn't already go all out for one before this year's boring Super Bowl.

*** Opening weekend we'll see Tennessee travel to California for a rematch of last year's beatdown in Knoxville. It's going to be culture shock for Vol fans seeing all the people in the trees at pregame.

*** USC may be plateau-ing in the Pete Carroll era, but they're still a big draw as five Trojan games will be televised. Good: at Nebraska, at California. Not so good: vs. Washington State, vs. Washington, vs. Oregon State.

*** Ohio State will make three appearances: at Minnesota, at Purdue, at Penn State.

*** Jimmuh hits primetime (maybe) when Notre Dame plays UCLA at the Rose Bowl on October 6. Emu? Emu. Honestly I should have filed this under annoying below the more that I think about it.

The annoying parts:

*** Southwest Airlines is sponsor this year. Can we count on graphics of planes flying in relevant stat graphics onto the screen or some other annoying stunt? Because I can fly AirTran, you know. Don't make me do it.

*** Quote: "The schedule does not include games on Sept. 8 and Oct. 13 when ESPN on ABC will televise NASCAR Nextel Cup races from Richmond and Charlotte, respectively."

Boooooo! All together now (grab the forks and knives and bang them on the table): "We want football! We want football! We want football! ...

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