Vinny Del Negro Trusts No One

Every night there are some stupendous, silly, stupid, or downright outlandish individual lines from around the "lig." Doing Lines lets you know which one tops the list.

Vinny Del Negro X-Files a six-man rotation

Derrick Rose missed his first game of the season with a bruised wrist. Kirk Hinrich filled in well, scoring 24 points (on 23 FGAs) and totaling eight assists. Tyrus Thomas was a beast for Chicago, with 18 points, 12 rebounds, five assists, a block and a steal.

On the other end? Well, Will Bynum tied for the scoring lead (with 20) and had more assists (nine) than any other Piston. (Heck, the rest of the team had 10 total.) Rasheed Wallace is still injured, and Amir Johnson and Jason Maxiellstill only combined for 26 minutes. They averaged a combined 34 minutes per game last year, with Wallace and Antonio McDyess rarely missed games. Basically, Kwame Brown (with his PER of 11) has replaced Maxiell, pushing Amir down to afterthought status.

And oh my god! was V.D.N. the better coach in this match-up?

Randolph Fever: Anthony Randolph had another one of those lines, this time against the Spurs. In 25 minutes, he rang up 13 points (cool), nine rebounds (nice), two assists (sweet), zero turnovers (really?) and five blocks (what!). Three of the blocks came on Tony Parker lay-ups, one on a Fabricio Oberto lay-up and the final flourish on a Bruce Bowen lay-up in the third quarter with the Spurs up by two.

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