Giants Apologize for Offensive Tweet About Bumgarner's 3 Strikeouts Against Dodger Enrique Hernandez

The San Francisco Giants are apologizing for a tweet they say mistakenly went out Monday night in reference to Madison Bumgarner’s three strikeouts against Dodger Enrique Hernandez.

The Giants lost 2-1 to the LA Dodgers Monday. But that’s not all. They also found themselves tied for the second wild-card spot with the St. Louis Cardinals and Bumgarner got into a bit of a shouting match with Dodger Yasiel Puig. Whoever was in charge of the Giants' Twitter account Monday was obviously also having a bad night.

At 11:55 p.m., @SFGiants fired off a tweet which said: “Mr Bumgarner gets KKKike for the 3rd time tonight.”

Whoever wrote the tweet used “KKK” to refer to Bumgarner’s three strikeouts, not a great choice obviously. KKK is the abbreviation for the Ku Klux Klan, an extremist group. They also forgot the accent for Enrique Hernandez’ nickname “Kiké,” as a result the word came out as “kike,” an ethnic slur for Jewish people.

The tweet was immediately deleted, but not before it caused some stir on the internet.

On Monday, the Giants apologized with this statement: “Last night a tweet mistakenly went out in reference to Bumgarner's three strikeouts against Dodger Enrique Hernandez. In no way was it meant to cause offense and it was immediately removed the minute it was discovered. The Giants are sorry and have taken steps to ensure that something of this nature never happens again.”

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