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San Francisco Giants Left Fielder Angel Pagan Body Slams Fan Who Ran Onto Field During Game Against Los Angeles Dodgers

Giants left fielder Angel Pagan body-slammed a male fan clutching white paper flowers, who ran onto the field into the outfield grass at AT&T Park during the fourth inning against the Los Angeles Dodgers on Friday night.

Pagan realized he had to do something to slow the man down, unsure whether there was any motive to harm a player.

"I was just trying to protect myself and protect my teammates," he said. "The guy was getting closed to my teammates. I guess it was very explosive. Us athletes, we've got that kind of strength. ... It worked."

Another fan -- a female -- was taken down by security in shallow right field. The two, dressed in Dodger Blue and offering what appeared to be paper flowers, were removed.

The man first approached catcher Buster Posey, who with his left arm shoved the man to the ground. The man jumped up and ran and third baseman Gordon Beckham swiped at him before he took off into left field. 

"That's just weird," Posey said. "Any time somebody comes on the field you're a little bit uneasy. He probably should've been charged with a flop.''

Pagan offered a hand as if to accept the flowers before throwing both arms around the man, twisting him and throwing him to the ground.

Holding the man down until security reached him, Pagan received a roaring ovation from the sellout crowd when the half-inning ended and tipped his cap.

First baseman Brandon Belt weighed in with: "Angel's tackle of the guy was one of my top moments in baseball history. That was pretty funny."

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