Headed to the White House

The Giants will need to pack a coat and tie for this next road trip now that a date with the President of the United States is on the East Coast agenda. A memo posted in the locker room on Sunday reminded the team coat and tie are required.

Livestream of the event can be found by clicking here.

The team will take a red-eye to D.C. after their rubber match win against Milwaukee Sunday at AT&T Park. Destination 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Monday afternoon.

Closer Brian Wilson told Amy G. after Sunday's game that he will be wearing a "power" navy blue pin-stripe. Wilson said his tie will also be vertical pin stripe, adding his shoes and belt will be shiny brown. So, apparently he is leaving his one-piece spandex tux out of his luggage.

President Obama invited the World Series Champions over so he can honor their 2010 victory. It's a long-held tradition that a winning team get a photo op and a hand shake.

The Giants are in the general D.C. area and will play in Philadelphia Tuesday night. 

Monday was supposed to be a rare off day for the team, and although hanging at the White House is fun and all, there are reports some players weren't happy to give it up. A change in travel plans reportedly smoothed over some of the grumbling. The team is now flying directly to D.C. and they will take a train to Philly in time for Tuesday's game.

The Giants were in D.C. back in April, and did not get the invite. It turns out one of the reasons why may have been that the president was a little busy hunting down Osama bin Laden.  The Sunday of that weekend series, Mr. Obama went on television to announce that the terror leader was dead.

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