How Steve ‘Yoda' Nash Helped Kevin ‘Unicorn' Durant

Kevin Durant was plenty talented when he decided to join the Warriors last offseason. But the chance to for extended 1-on-1 work with two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash has helped take KD's game to the next level. 

Brief glimpses of the two working through curious drills on a sidecourt at the Warriors practice facility in Oakland tantalized media and fans alike this past season. Above all else, Durant credit's Nash for improving his balance and rhythym. 

"He's probably one of the most skilled players ever," Durant said of Nash in "Still KD: Through the Noise" -- the latest documentary-style video posted to his YouTube account. "All the little run-through pull-up stuff, the pick-and-roll stuff. He texts me after most games and we talk about stuff we could work on -- balance. 

"He's a guru out there. We call him Yoda. I got my Yoda working."

Nash knows he has his Skywalker in Durant.

"When we're working out, I don't really think about how good he is," Nash said. "I just try to plant seeds in his mind to remind him the little things that sometimes we forget about that can hopefully allow him to improve and reach his potential -- which he's already exceeded.

"When I watch him play the game, it's incredible to see how he puts in all together His size and skill set is something we've never really seen in this league. We've seen very skilled big guys before, tall guys, but not with his combination of size, skill, athleticism, agility, quickness, ability to play multiple positions, and to be as accurate as he is."

"Kids are saying he's a unicorn. I'll go with that."

Unicorn or Skywalker. Durantula or Slim Reaper. Kid Dynamite or Kevin Dominant. Call him what you want. But thanks in part to his work with Nash, you can also call him NBA champion or NBA Finals MVP.

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