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Hunter Pence Hones Skills With Pac-Man, Kirby Video Games

Hunter Pence plays 8-bit video games.

Hunter Pence is not just a whiz on the baseball field.

The San Francisco Giants outfielder is also not too shabby at Pac-Man, Kirby and Super Mario, video games that he says help hone his hand-eye coordination, almost as much as baseball practice.

"Gaming is coordination," Pence told Comcast Sports. He's aware of the "negative connotation" that video games have, but the 1983-born outfielder said the computerized games are "extremely good for your motor skills and focus." Being the best at anything means being able to "anticipate," Pence said, which extends to Q*bert, or hitting a ball.

Pence showed off some of his gaming skills in Arizona during spring training ahead of the Giants opener on Monday afternoon against the Colorado Rockies. Of course, this was before he fractured his arm.

In February, Pence proudly showed off his stash of classic Nintendo Entertainment System games on Instagram, McCovey Chronicles noted. 

Among his stash: Super Mario Bros. 3, Megaman 2, Tecmo Super Bowl,  and Baseball Stars.


A photo posted by Hunter Pence (@hunterpence) on Feb 4, 2015 at 9:27am PST

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