Gordon Comes Home to Infineon

There is more than one hometown hero driving Infineon this weekend.

The hometown spotlight will once again go to Vallejo native and Nascar great Jeff Gordon this weekend at the Infineon Raceway in Sonoma.

His No. 24 race car will likely get the biggest cheers during the Toyota/Save Mart 350.  Gordon says the yearly event is a true homecoming for him. He holds his daughter's birthday party at Infineon each year and says he loves seeing people he's known since grade school come out and support him.

During a pre-race news conference he said he hopes the track brings him a victory this year.

"We come out there, we thoroughly enjoy the weather, the wine country, and then reminiscing with friends and family and then get to go to the racetrack and hopefully experience going to Victory Lane again, because we’ve been able to do it a number of times out there," Gordon said.

One of the younger driver's who hopes to become a Gordon some day is Jessica Brunelli. She grew up in Hayward.

Brunelli is just 18 years old, but is already competing on the race track. Brunelli is racing this weekend at Infineon in the K&N series.

She took our own Bob Redell for a ride and nearly scared him to death. See the video below.

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