Kevin Durant Asked About Warriors Future on The Bill Simmons Podcast

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On Monday night, Kevin Durant scored 22 points vs the Timberwolves.

On Tuesday night, the two-time Finals MVP was a guest on The Bill Simmons Podcast for the sixth time in the last couple of years.

About an hour in to the conversation, Simmons brought up Durant's future and the following back-and-forth took place between Simmons, Durant and Durant's agent/business partner, Rich Kleiman: (important caveat -- they were all laughing and joking around)

Simmons: "So this is Year 3 with you and these guys. Why wouldn't this just go? Why wouldn't you just keep doing this? The internet has turned this into KD might go here, he might go there. I look at it and I'm like you have the chance to be on one of the three greatest teams of all-time. You could be the Russell's Celtics for this decade. Why wouldn't you do that? Why is anything else considered?"

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Durant: "I'm really just trying to enjoy every day of it and people like you continue to ask me."

Kleiman: "What a buzzkill to the conversation." 

Durant: "I'm in San Francisco, looking at the Bay Bridge and having a great conversation. I'm like, 'Damn, this moment is cool right now.'"

Kleiman: "You're ordinary. So regular, Bill."

Durant: "I'm enjoying this right now, why would you just invade my space?"

Simmons: "It was kind of a heat check. Back to my question."

Kleiman: "Man, shut up ... shut this s**t off man."

Simmons: "I'm going to this one part. I'm going to this one part."

Durant: "Go ahead."

Simmons: "This really has a chance to be an all-time run now."

Durant: "Yes."

Kleiman: "Yeah."

Simmons: "Yeah. So I'll be mad at you if that doesn't keep going. Because now if you win this year, now you're talking MJ's Bulls, Russell's Celtics."

Durant: "Like I said, I'm just enjoying ... I know this is on on the horizon if we handle our business. What I've enjoyed the last two years is just doing stuff like this -- the every day of living in the Bay and playing for the Warriors ... I'm not even trying to even go there."

Simmons: "All right. A lot of talk about it though, Rich. I had to bring it up. Don't stink-eye me."

Kleiman: "I don't give a shi* either, really." 

Durant: "Yeah, does it really matter? At the end of the day, do we really give a f***?"

Kleiman: "I was watching you and waiting and waiting to see how you were gonna do it it ... I thought you brought it into the conversation poorly."

Simmons: "No I didn't. It was very nice ... listen, not a lot of teams have won three in a row. I think it's a fair topic to bring up."

Durant: "That is true. That is true."

Kleiman: "You know what the problem is -- they haven't won three in a row yet."

Durant: "Yeah. We got a chance to do it this year. It's cool because them teams were really good."

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It's totally fair for Durant to want to solely focus on this season and what transpires on the court. The only pushback I'll give is that it's also totally fair for people to discuss his future because it really is a big deal. So yes, it does really matter.

In fact, earlier in the podcast, Durant said: "I like talking just pure basketball but I also like talking the other stuff -- the other side of the game, too -- which is the gossip of the game, 'Who's getting traded? Who's going here, what their cap looking like.' I just like talking that side, too. We see that everywhere and we talk about it all the time."

Now that we have settled that -- it's time to enjoy tonight's showdown between the Warriors and Raptors...

Drew Shiller is the co-host of Warriors Outsiders. Follow him on Twitter @DrewShiller

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