Kim Kardashian: Reggie Bush Deserves His Heisman

"Reggie worked hard for that Heisman and deserves it”

Never mind that Kim Kardashian has twice split from NFLer Reggie Bush -- she’s still got his back.

In an interview with People mag, Kardashian weighed in on fallout from a NCAA investigation that concluded her ex and members of his family broke college basketball rules by accepting thousands in cash and housing and travel freebies when Bush was a star running back for the University of Southern California.

Kardashian said USC seriously erred in deciding Tuesday in responding to the controversy by voluntarily giving up its copy of the 2005 Heisman trophy which named Bush as that year’s best college football player in the country.

"Reggie worked hard for that Heisman and deserves it,” the reality star told People. “He earned it!I really don't think it's fair to give it back.”

Bush, who now plays for the New Orleans Saints, has not been ordered to give up his prized trophy – yet.

The president of the Heisman Trust said this week the organization is weighing whether to strip him of the bronze statue and has not set a timetable for its decision, The Associated Press reported.

Meanwhile, USC has reportedly removed Bush’s jerseys and all other tributes from its campus and the school’s football team has been banned from all bowl games for the next two years and lost out on being able to award a number of scholarships, as a result of the scandal.

In addition, the school’s athletic program has been put on probation for four years.

Kardashian, who has dated Bush on and off since 2007, last broke things off in March.

Since their split, Kardashian has reportedly begun dating another footballer, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin.

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