DA Won't File Charges Against USC Football Player Josh Shaw

The USC Trojans co-captain had been the subject of a domestic violence investigation by Los Angeles police after admitting to making up a heroic tale about how he hurt both of his ankles

The Los Angeles District Attorney will not file domestic violence charges against USC football player Josh Shaw, the office confirmed Monday, citing "insufficient evidence."

Shaw, a USC Trojans co-captain, had been the subject of a domestic violence investigation by Los Angeles police after admitting to lying about how he hurt both of his ankles

Shaw initially told a university blog that he sprained his ankles after he jumped from a second-floor balcony of his cousin’s Palmdale apartment on Aug. 23 to pull his struggling 7-year-old nephew from a pool. He admitted the story was "a complete fabrication" days later and was suspended "from all team activities" indefinitely.

Police then said they took a burglary report that same night, in which the victim named Shaw as her boyfriend, and began looking into emerging domestic violence allegations.

The night of the report about 10:30, Shaw and his girlfriend were "involved in a heated argument inside the apartment" when his girlfriend threw a lamp to the floor, according to a DA charge evaluation document dated Nov. 13 obtained by NBC4 on Monday.

Shaw then walked out to the balcony to "calm himself," the document stated. Neighbors heard screams from inside the apartment during the argument and called 911.

When police arrived, Shaw saw officers from the balcony and "panicked," so he "climbed over the railing, hung by his hands and fell approximately 20 feet," hurting his ankles, the document stated.

After responding to the 911 call of neighbors hearing screaming, police forced their way inside the apartment to find a lamp on the floor and an open sliding glass door. No one was inside.

When Shaw's girlfriend returned that night, she told police she was at the apartment complex gym when the call was placed, but in a later interview admitted she lied about going to the gym. She later said she was, in fact, at the apartment during the incident with Shaw, but denied that Shaw physically or sexually assaulted her.

Shaw told police that the pair did argue, but "adamantly denied" any assault. The victim has "remained steadfast that nothing happened" and has refused further interviews with police.

"There is insufficient evidence to prove that Mr. Shaw assaulted the victim in any manner," the document stated. "Accordingly, this case is declined."

It was not immediately clear if or when Shaw would be reinstated to rejoin team activities.

USC spokesman Tim Tessalone told The Associated Press that as planned, the school will conduct its own investigation now that local authorities have concluded theirs. He did not indicate how long the probe will take.

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