Press Conference Notes: Giambi Back with the A's

Press Conference Highlights

NOTES: From Coliseum Press Conference announcing the A's signing of Jason Giambi.

The press conference started just after 2:05 p.m. in the same room where Giambi accepted the MVP award several years back before leaving Oakland for New York.

Oakland GM Billy Beane says he called the free-agent Giambi around New Year's Eve to say: "We're getting the band back together."

Soon after those remarks, Giambi put on a white A's jersey with the number 16 on it... and thanked the Yankees organization,,, before saying, "I'm excited to be home."

Giambi talked about how he relishes the mentor role...  "I feel that's how the game gets passed down,"  -- but also thinks it's a young team he can help win now.

"You walk into Spring Training thinking you can win the World Series... and I'm going to bring that attitude," he said.

Last year in New York, Giambi sported a moustache as a 'slump buster,' and has always had a unique look -- be it long hair or a goatee. As for the grooming he plans to employ, "I plan to stay scruffy... even though I'm now a bit gray." 

It's a one year contract, with an option for the second year, but as Giambi said: "I want to play for a long time still... three or four more seasons."

And there's all kinds of motivation for Giambi in Oakland. "He has some things he still wants to accomplish... he wants 500 home runs," said Beane.

Afterwards, Giambi made the rounds doing one-on-one interviews with local television stations and catching up with old friends in attendance. Beane was overheard to say about Giambi, "he just gets it."

A's Spring Training set for Phoenix in a matter of weeks just got a real boost.

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