Sochi's Breakout Star: Johnny Weir's Wardrobe

As bedazzled figure skaters took to the ice on Day Two of the Winter Games, Sochi's most talked-about outfits appeared not on the rink, but in the commentator box.

The unabashedly bold fashion choices of figure skater-turned-commentator Johnny Weir generated a healthy dose of buzz on Twitter as he and fellow former Olympian Tara Lipinski dished up analysis of the weekend's figure skating competitions.

On Sunday, the former Olympian and U.S. world champion's cream-on-cream blazer-shirt combo and impossible-to-miss statement necklace won praise and panning from armchair fashion critics. Some viewers were wowed by Weir's "fabulous" style, while others wondered whether he had raided a grandma's jewelry box. Weir struck a pose for his Instagram followers before the broadcast began.

It wasn't just Weir's flashy ensembles, which were commonplace during his competition days as well, getting attention on social media. The colorful commentary provided by Weir and Lipinski appeared to attract a fair number of fans for the sideline stars. Crowd favorites included riffs on fighting fish, cats in bathtubs and the challenge of creating Tango-worthy chemistry when skating with a relative.

See some of the social media reactions to Weir's wardrobe choices below.

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