NBC Bay Area Meteorologist Takes on Ice Bucket Challenge, Uses Coconut Water as H2O Substitute

NBC Bay Area meterologist Christina Loren may have started a trend: substitute ice water for coconut water during your Ice Bucket Challenge.

Loren and NBC Bay Area reporter Robert Handa both accepted a request from the San Jose Giants Thursday to take on the challenge. While Handa went with the traditional ice water, Loren opted for coconut water. The crowd cheered her on, and later Loren joked that she had compressed the video footage so "you couldn't spot the mascara running down her face."

"Christina did the responsible thing as a metereologist dealing with the drought, " NBC Bay Area anchor Laura Garcia Cannon commented on air Friday morning. "Maybe she should have used cucumber water, because she was as cool as a cucumber out there."

The Ice Bucket Challenge has so far raised nearly $42 million to help raise awareness about ALS, and some say inspired non-profits to re-think how they should connect with potantial donors. But it has also garnered its share of critics who consider the challenge wasteful, especially in the current drought conditions.

Still, celebrities, media personalities and even the average person continues to take on the challenge. The California Water Board says the challenge is not violating any regulations, even in a drought.

NBC Bay Area reporter Scott Budman accepted a challenge from 8x8 CEO Vik Verma Friday. Last week, NBC Bay Area sports anchor Geraud Moncure took on a challenge from Yahoo Sports Talk host Jim Kozimor's.

"Doesn't look fun, it's very cold – but it's for a good case," Moncure said while getting dunked in icy cold water on TV.

Any guesses who's going to be next?

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