NFL Power Rankings: 49ers Fall, Raiders Rise After Week 4

We're a quarter of the way through the NFL season and there are just two undefeated teams left in the league.

As for the 49ers and Raiders, they both sit at 1-3 heading into Week 5.

Here's how we rank'em following Week 4:

1. L.A. Rams (4-0)
Previous rank: 1
Jared Goff: Not a system quarterback. 

2. Kansas City (4-0)
Previous rank: 2
I'm hopping on the hype train. Pat Mahomes is gonna be a superstar. 

3. Jacksonville (3-1)
Previous rank: 4
Can't figure out Blake Bortles this season. If he can be as serviceable as he has been most weeks, the Jags are gonna be tough to beat. 

4. New Orleans (3-1)
Previous rank: 6
Bully for anyone with Alvin Kamara on their fantasy team. 

5. New England (2-2)
Previous rank: 7
Looks like Brady's got ‘em back on track. Rookie Sony Michel certainly helps establish a ground game a week after Rex Burkhead went down. 

6. Baltimore (3-1)
Previous rank: 9
Justin Tucker is automatic, and allows the Ravens to grind out wins with good defense and just enough points to get by. 

7. Green Bay (2-1-1)
Previous rank: 10
Clay Matthews got a half sack and didn't get flagged. Miracle. 

8. Minnesota (1-2-1)
Previous rank: 32
Vikings are no longer grounded for losing to the Bills. They followed it up with a loss to the Rams. There's no shame in that. Vikings will kick it in gear soon enough. 

9. Philadelphia (2-2)
Previous rank: 3
Eagles have to get that pass defense right. 

10. Chicago (3-1)
Previous rank: 17
Khalil Mack with another strip sack. Even Jon Gruden can't believe it. Even more unbelievable? Mitch Trubisky throwing dimes. If he's even decent, Bears are gonna be scary. 

11. Tennessee (3-1)
Previous rank: 19
The Titans are proving me wrong. Tough team. Tough coach, who finds a way to win. 

12. L.A. Chargers (2-2)
Previous rank: 12
Jon Gruden didn't get to enjoy Sunday's overtime win over Cleveland too long. Philip Rivers is already keeping him up at night. 

13. Carolina (2-1)
Previous rank: 11
Panthers are in a tough, tough division. Can they keep up as the season wears on

14. Cincinnati (3-1)
Previous rank: 15
Man. Tyler Eifert can't stay healthy. Feel for a guy like that. 

15. Miami (3-1)
Previous rank: 8
New England put the Dolphins back in their place. 

16. Denver (2-2)
Previous rank: 13
Broncos lost a nail biter to the Chiefs. If Case Keenum puts a late fourth-quarter pass to Demaryius Thomas on target, Denver's in a much different spot. 

17. Washington (2-1)
Previous rank: 17
Stinks to have a bye this early. Too soon to maximize the benefits of a down week. 

18. Tampa Bay (2-2)
Previous rank: 5
Ryan Fitzpatrick was wearing gold chains in a press conference two weeks ago. Back then, the Bucs were on top of the world. Now they've come crashing back to Earth. 

19. Atlanta (1-3)
Previous rank: 14
The Falcons seem to be loaded. Doesn't matter if you can't win games. 

20. Dallas (2-2)
Previous rank: 25
Zeke went off against Detroit, to the tune of 240 yards of offense and a touchdown. He'd better repeat that performance every week. Cowboys have flaws. 

21. Pittsburgh (1-2-1)
Previous rank: 16
Team Turmoil is an absolute mess. So much talent. Zero cohesion. 

22. Seattle (2-2)
Previous rank: 23
You've got to feel for Earl Thomas. That's why you hold out for every dime you can get. I, too, would've sent a double bird to the Seattle front office if I was on the cart. Brutal, brutal turn for a great player. 

23. 49ers (1-3)
Previous rank: 21
Somebody tell C.J. Bethard he doesn't have to get hit on every play. Somebody tell Kyle Shannahan to run Matt Breida more often. Somebody tell someone, anyone, on defense to make a tackle. 

24. Raiders (1-3)
Previous rank: 30
Silver and Black almost blew another lead. Derek Carr worked some magic at the end and got Jon Gruden a win. Few needed one more than the Raiders head coach. 

25. Cleveland (1-2-1)
Previous rank: 22
That Mayfield kid will go through some growing pains, but he's legit. Dynamic play maker. 

26. Detroit (1-3)
Previous rank: 20
Maybe Matt Patricia used all his magic on the Patriots. The No. 2 pencil needs to be sharpened. 

27. Houston (1-3)
Previous rank: 29
Deshaun Watson looked remarkably like Deshaun Watson beating Indy. Haven't seen that much this year. 

28. Indianapolis (1-3)
Previous rank: 24
Andrew Luck threw for 464 yards and 4 TDs and the Colts still lost. Frank Reich took a big gamble and lost. He's gonna get killed for it all week/month/season.

29. N.Y. Jets (1-3)
Previous rank: 26
Some in the New York media were ready to give Sam Darnold a gold jacket after Week 1. Let's pump the brakes a bit. 

30. N.Y. Giants (1-3)
Previous rank: 27
How can a team with OBJ and Saquon be no fun to watch?

31. Arizona (0-4)
Previous rank: 31
Poor, poor Larry Fitzgerald. He deserves better. 

32. Buffalo (1-3)
Previous rank: 28
Bills get shut out 22-0 by Green Bay a week after shocking Minnesota. Yeah, that's more like it.

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