San Francisco Giants

“No. 1 Giants Fan” Shows Off “The Hat”

A baseball fanatic who describes herself as the "No. 1 Giants fan" came out before the sun rose on Monday morning to show off her 7-pound hat covered in buttons she's collected over the last  50 years.

A woman who identified herself only as "Clark," arrived at Willie Mays Plaza on the day of the Giants’ home opener against the Colorado Rockies to show off her heavy hat to NBC Bay Area meteorologist Christina Loren.

Her current hat, which she’s been using for the past 15 years since she retired two others, weighs slightly less than a small cat.

The orange sunhat is covered with memorabilia, including a piece of confetti from the 2014 World Series victory parade. There are also pins from various opening days throughout the years, a few from Candlestick Park where the Giants used to play before moving to AT&T Park in 2000 , one commemorating former record-setting slugger Barry Bonds’ 400th home run, and one that looks like a miniature Willie McCovey jersey, number 44.

Despite the increasing weight of her standout good luck charm, Clark has no plans to watch any Giants game without it, especially if her team is going to take home a fourth World Series trophy.

“I keep thinking I need to retire it," she said. "But it’s become such a big winner for me, I just gotta keep wearing it!”

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