Giants Giving Away Pablo Sandoval Chia Pets at Carnaval Night

The Giants are producing a Pablo Sandoval Chia Pet to give away at Carnaval Night May 16. This may be the greatest thing to ever happen in the history of anything.

On May 16th, if you purchase a special events ticket for the Giants game at AT&T Park, you will receive what might be the single greatest promotional item in MLB history: a Pablo Sandoval Chia Pet.

No, really, this is something that's happening. May 16 is "Carnaval at the Park" night for the Giants, and if you purchase a ticket in advance of the game, you'll get a Sandoval Chia Pet.

Previously, the Giants had mentioned the "special ticket package will include a unique Carnaval themed item" but hadn't noted what said item is. Then MLB put this video up on their official YouTube page.

People like to knock baseball for being curmudgeonly sometimes, but the Giants do some of the most creative stuff in all of MLB. This, like the Star Wars-themed night at the park, is a perfect sort of promotion.

It doesn't hurt that Panda's a perfect type of dude to for a Chia Pet either.

via Dustin Parkes of The Score

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