PG&E: Candlestick Park is Ready for Playoffs

PG&E Exec Promises Power Outages at the 'Stick Won't Happen Again

PG&E Chief Anthony Earley says there will be no repeat of the double blackout that delayed the 49ers' Monday Night Football game last month.

Earley tells the San Francisco Chronicle the nationally televised blackout was one of the most embarrassing moments of his career. He had just walked into the owners' suite at the stadium when the lights went out.

PG&E says the power outage was due to a failure on a spliced wire outside the stadium. It took 15 minutes to repower. A second outage came because of a faulty switch, blamed on the city.

Earley says the utility is working with the city to make sure the outage doesn't happen again. Crews have replaced the spliced line, and the surrounding lines have been inspected with infrared technology. Earley also says Candlestick park will now have a single, dedicated power line, which will guard against another blackout.

The 49ers host their second-round playoff game on January 14th.

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