Raiders Jump in on Twitter Craze

Raider fans who are not yet sick to death  of this Twitter craze have reason to rejoice -- the Oakland Raiders just started their own official team Twitter feed.

It just launched Wednesday, and they've already got three updates on there. The page is visually customized for maximum Raidermania, and even the little birdie is silver against black. An illegible Raiders schedule appears in the page design background.

The Raiders are one of a couple dozen NFL teams that now keep their own official Twitter pages. The San Diego Chargers and New England Patriots even used their Twitter pages to announce their draft picks simultaneous to the NFL's announcements.

What will the team keep Raider Nation updated upon using their hot new Twitter feed? So far, not much. There is an update about an interview with a couple of your lower-round draft picks now online over at, and an announcement about the Raiders' Youth Skills Camp. It is the official team page, so updates are likely to be written by marketing professionals and not critical of the organization.

But Raider fans hungry for a Twitter page more obsessively updated might want to check out the Chronicle's David White's Twitter page. When minicamps and OTA's are in session, that guy's tweeting an update pretty much every play the team runs.

Individual players can also tweet, as do Barry Zito and former Warriors Baron Davis and Jason Richardson. No current individual Raiders could be found in the We Follow Top 100 Sports teams and users on Twitter, but ex-Raider Warren Sapp keeps atwitter via the online service. Check his page for excessive use of exclamation points and very frequent meal descriptions.

Joe Kukura is a freelance who doesn't even understand where you plug this Twitter thing in. 

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