Santa Cruz Surfer Pulls Off Kick Flip

Feat never been done on a surfboard.

Surf Kick Flip

A Santa Cruz surfer has pulled off what appears to be a feat never before done on a surfboard. Zoltan Torkos hit what's called a kick flip on Friday. A kick flip is a common trick for skateboarders, but a lot more difficult, if not impossible, for surfers.

Torkos says he's been trying to land the trick since 2007. That's when a company launched a contest to find anyone who could do a kick flip on a surfboard and catch it on video tape. If they deem Torkos' trick worthy, he could win $10,000 and be part of a two-page ad in Transworld Surf Magazine.

Torkos said Volcom, the company that held the contest, initially told him they wouldn't pay him the prize money because his surfboard didn't get high enough out of the water, but they have since changed their mind and will pay the $10,000 prize.

Volcom announced it is doubling the prize money to $20,000 to anyone who can nail the kickflip above and off the lip of the wave. Here's the official rules.

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