Schierholtz Getting Showcased

The Giants haven't actually said they're showcasing outfielder Nate Schierholtz. And they won't say that. But it's pretty obvious that's what they're doing.

From the beginning of July through July 19, Schierholtz played in exactly one complete game. He started twice and totaled 16 at bats.

Over the last three games, however, Schierholtz has played every inning available and compiled 13 at bats. With the July 31 trade deadline squarely on the horizon, it seems fairly obvious that the Giants are trying to drum up interest in Schierholtz as a bat available on the trade market.

Per Chris Haft of, manager Bruce Bochy has other logic for starting Schierholtz and playing him more than he's played in nearly two months.

"Bochy cited logical reasons for each of Schierholtz's appearances. Friday, Bochy wanted to rest Angel Pagan," Haft writes. "Saturday, Schierholtz's presence came in handy against Cole Hamels, since he was 4-for-6 lifetime against the Phillies starter. A similar instance occurred Sunday, since Schierholtz entered the game 3-for-3 off Joe Blanton."

Those are logical reasons and it's hard to have too much beef with what Bochy's doing: Schierholtz was 4-for-15 in that three-game stretch, with two home runs, two walks and just two strikeouts.

It's been reported that Schierholtz isn't happy with his situation in San Francisco and that he wants a trade, presumably to somewhere where he'll actually get playing time.

Regardless, Bochy got a strong performance from Schierholtz that helped the Giants win 2-of-3 games from the Phillies during a strong road trip. And if the Giants can actually move him as a result of the strong performance, well, that's just gravy.

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