Sharks' Kane, Knights' Reaves Put Aside Rivalry for Racism Fight

Hockey Diversity Alliance, a cause "much bigger" than the game, brings bitter rivals together

Evander Kane #9 of the San Jose Sharks and Ryan Reaves #75 of the Vegas Golden Knights
Getty Images

Sharks winger Evander Kane and Ryan Reaves of the Vegas Golden Knights have one of the most intense rivalries in all of hockey. These two don't like each other, it's simple as that. 

There are things much bigger than hockey, however, that the two can agree on.

Kane was named co-head of the Hockey Diversity Alliance on June 8. Reaves and Kane might not be on the same page on the ice, but in this case, they're coming together as teammates off of it. The Vegas winger is dropping his rivalry with Kane and wants to come together to help eliminate racism in hockey and beyond. 

“I spoke to Evander and told him I want to jump in on this powerful message,” Reaves said to the Las Vegas Review-Journal's Ed Graney. “We have to put aside our differences on the ice and come together for a much bigger cause.

“You definitely have to understand what your beliefs are and where you stand. At the same time, I do kind of toe both lines because I have had great experience with cops. I’m also very aware of what’s going on around the United States.

“A lot of it stems from undertrained ignorance that every police force seems to have some -- 1, 2, 3, 4 cops -- whatever the number is. The thing is not to let those bad apples trickle through an entire force.”

Kane and Reaves dropped gloves in the playoffs last season, and the trolling and jabs have just continued. While Kane has called the rivalry "fun" in the past, there has been a lot of bad blood on the ice. Not in this case, though. 

As many others in sports and real world need to do now and in the future, Kane and Reaves are putting their differences to the side to help combat a much bigger and more important issue. We all can learn from them in this case.

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