Stanford Makes a Preemptive Move to Keep Harbaugh

San Francisco 49ers fans aren't the only ones paying attention to the team's horrible season.

The powers that be down at the farm hear all too well about the rumors of a hot young coach possibly taking a trip down the 101 in January and they are not happy about it.

Stanford has reportedly offered head football coach Jim Harbaugh a new contract and reports are that the hottest commodity in college football is interested in signing.

Harbaugh has led his team of athletic geniuses to an 11-1 record this season and possibly within one half of bad football to playing for a national title game.

And he has done it with an offensive flair and a type of brashness that has not been seen in Bay Area college football since maybe another young coach roams the sidelines in Palo Alto.

The comparisons to Bill Walsh may be early for Harbaugh, but the rumors of the 49ers being interested in replacing their struggling former NFL player turned head coach with the rising star have been heating up. And some have not been able to help themselves with the Walsh comparisons, who the 49ers hired away from Stanford decades ago.

What is clear, is that Harbaugh would fit the 49ers need for an offensive coach who can mold a quarterback. Harbaugh's young star, Andrew Luck, is largely expected to be the No. 1 pick in next April's NFL draft if he decides to leave college early.

Harbaugh has four years left on his current contract and Stanford Athletic Director Bob Bowlsby told the San Francisco Chronicle, despite any rumors, he expects Harbaugh to be at Stanford for the "foreseeable future."

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