Tiger Woods Didn't Get Performance Enhancers From Doc: Lawyer

Attorny for federal witness defends golf superstar

A lawyer for the top federal witness against a Canadian doctor accused of supplying steroids to athletes said Tiger Woods never received any.

Anthony Galea has been linked to several high-profile athletes, including baseball slugger Alex Rodriguez, football stars Santana Moss and Javon Walker and Olympic sprinter Donovan Bailey. He  pleaded guilty in a Buffalo federal court last week to a charge related to smuggling substances into the U.S. and treating American patients without a license.

But the attorney for Galea's former assistant Mary Anne Catalano told the New York Daily News treaement Galea rendered to Woods did not involve banned substances.

 ”I tell you categorically that Tiger did NOT receive either banned or performance enhancing drugs when treating with Dr. Galea,” Rod Personius told the paper in an email.

Woods has repeatedly denied he received any treatment from Galea that included PEDs, saying the treatments were limited to a “blood spinning” technique called platelet-rich plasma.

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