American Swimmers Honor Visiting Golfers With ‘USA' Chant

Rickie Fowler was still touched by the chant two days later: "Words can't really put it into perspective"

Golfer Rickie Fowler has made the most of his Olympic experience, staying in the athletes village for this year’s games and making the rounds to numerous other events.

On Tuesday, Fowler attended the swimming competition and spent time with Michael Phelps in the practice pool where he experienced a once-in-a-lifetime honor.

The American swimmers have a tradition when a U.S. swimmer leaves the practice area for a race. The remaining team members ring a bell, then chant, “USA, USA.”

When Fowler and Bubba Watson were leaving the practice pool on Tuesday they were surprised when someone rang the bell.

“They started ringing it and chanting it," Fowler said. "At first I didn't know, Bubba came down with me, so I wasn't sure that it was for us walking out. I turned around, they are all looking at us, chanting 'USA.'” 

Even two days later, Fowler was still surprised by the gesture and the emotions the moment created.

“Words can't really put it into perspective,” Fowler said.

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